About Us


Gülsen industrial, chemical and professional quality and high performance products to serve the principle of an enterprise partners and Turkey market with the economic cost of activities in the biological products industry.

From the date of establishment of international quality certificates Gülsen Industrial ISO 9001: 2000 / ISO 14001: 2004 / ISO 22000: 2005 has been awarded the certificates. In this respect, his R & D work with each new range of products, technological, hygienic, environmentally friendly, improving human health and the use of appropriate products to provide for the use of these products business partners and consumers.

Gülsen industrial food production plants with its product, catering companies, hotels, hospitals, military institutions, professional cleaning firms, restaurants, recreational facilities and so on. serves the business. As well as consultants to companies and organizations that are acquired to contribute with the education service.


Our products, solutions, we provide after-sales service as reliability and high business first choice of our customers with our ethics, according to human health and environmental quality by producing appropriate products, move our position in the industry a higher every day, always will be to be remembered in a good way.


On all products and services we produce beautiful beautiful people in our Turkey is a company that contributes to a healthy life and a clean driving. Thank you for the interest you have shown us.